Every once in awhile my parents take me to a place they call the Bay Area. I’m never quite Sure WHY we go, cuz it’s way more fun at home. We usually just go to a big cement building and go for walks on cement, with a leash. Are you kidding me? They know I hate THE LEASH. Mom says I’m lucky; most dogs take all their walks on a leash but I’m pretty sure she made that up.

     Sometimes we get to stop at my Aunt Callie’s where I get treats and… the treatment! (All the treats and playtime a dog can handle) Sometimes I spend the night there, but I always miss my dad.

    This last time, we were there so long, I didn’t know if my dad was ever coming back. My mom even said I didn’t see my dad for 3 days, but I’m pretty sure she meant 3 weeks! She’s wrong a lot. It sure seemed 3 weeks to me. So, ust when I was starting to get pretty comfortable at Callie’s, I hear something. It’s the car. They are HERE!

    My Mom comes up the walk… by herself? Are you kidding me? Callie let’s me out. I run, wallowing in my deepest voice. “Where’s my dad?”

    Suddenly the car door opens and I see him. I run his way and out comes a metal structure that Dad uses to get out of the car. “Is he okay?”, I thought. I try to jump up on hm but no luck. Dad pets me but doesn’t even let me jump on him once. So I guess he got a new knee.

    He had a hard time getting around for a few days so I tried my best not to trip him and I hardy ever jumped on him.  He’s better now so we’re back to playing catch in the yard and now we even go for walks by the lake again. I hope we stay in the mountains for a long, long time! I sure hope my dad doesn’t get another new knee anytime soon.