We asked our writers to revisit all the best places they’ve written about during the first three years of Mountain Valley Living Magazine. It wasn’t easy for anyone to pick. There have been hundreds of great experiences here in the Sierra Cascade region. So we decided to feature “The Best Of” in the first three editions of 2011. This month we invite you to revisit with us a few of our BEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURES. In February, we will take you to the BEST ROMANTIC GETAWAYS and in March, just so we can be sure to get in all of our ‘faves’ for every season, we’ll wind it up with BEST ROAD TRIPS.

We’ll have the latest scoop on our favorite places and of course we will be heading out somewhere new too, just like we always do. The biggest thing to remember here is not to be left out of all the fun, romance and adventure to be found in our beautiful Mountain Valley communities. You can visit all of the places we’ve been by visiting mountainvalleyliving.com and clicking on road trips.