Leon & Roy’s Family Pizzaria

Quincy CA, 231 Main St. Stop by or


Leon and Roys Wall mural Quincy CA

There is an inviting pizza place in mid-Quincy, one that I had never noticed before. They are located in the corner of the large building at 231 Main Street. The first thing you’ll notice is the wonderful outdoor space they have created for guests, some covered and some for soaking up the warmth of the sun.

   We took a step inside their brightly redesigned building which was like a step into an “upper crust,” New York pizzeria. A brightly colored mural filled the largest dining room wall which greeted us as we walked in. The setting was immaculate and we were greeted by one of the proprietors, Naomi Vaughn. Her husband Derek was in the back where we could see him cooking pizza. The scent of baked sandwiches and pizza filled the air and it was easy to see why people were beginning to pile in for lunch.

The menu is filled with amazing choices from a wide array of pizza pies to an assortment of delicious toasted sandwiches, boneless wings, salads, dessert specials and even Logan’s infamous Yeti Knuckles, served up on Saturdays only. What are Yeti knuckles you may ask? Let me just use their Smokey Barbecue Yeti Knuckles as an example which is only one of several options. Picture this: six steamy, boneless chicken wings nestled in a box full of pizza dough ball bites, loaded with bacon, red onions, melted to perfection mozzarella cheese, and a ranch & barbecue sauce drizzle to top it off. They’ll have your mouth watering and your hunger satisfied in no time at all. Their pizza selection varies from their Hot Honey Pepperoni all the way to their classics and creatives like their Cowpoke, making their selection hard to beat and even harder to pass up. Two things are fairly obvious here, you won’t leave hungry and you won’t leave disappointed.

When they aren’t cooking you delicious pie and baked subs, they are sponsoring the sports teams around town. Let’s just say they know their clientele; kids love their pizza! So when you’re looking to take the family out for a night out on the town to enjoy some pizza and complimentary board games, look no further. You can find them at 231 Main Street in Quincy. And while you can’t call it in, you can order in person and experience their magical space for yourself or you even have the option to order online here: order.rezku.com/leonandroys/cover