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Bing’s Lake Almanor Bistro

By Eileen Majors

Bing is excited to have her new restauraunt open in the Lake Almanor area and customers are catching on and coming back for more to her newly rennovated Bistro in Chester. While she also offers Sushi and Bento Boxes, her menu is very extensive. From a full American breakfast from 6am, on to lunch and dinner with a very wide selection of amazing Chinese food, freshly prepared; you Bing's Sushi Lake Almanorwill find all your favorites, including specialtiy items like out-of-this-world Walnut Shrimp. The American menu continues throughout the evening with steaks, seafood, burgers, even Chicken Fried Steak and much more including a well-stocked salad bar. The service has been excellent each time I came and my list of “faves” is growing! 

Bing’s Lake Almanor BistroBing's Lake Almanor Bistro

Main Street, Chester, CA


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