It’s been a rough couple of years for many of our mountain-valley neighbors. First Covid shutdowns, then the Dixie Fire. We’ve been through enough. Now it’s time to revel.

   This holiday season I am excited. I get to welcome a long-adored, greatly missed family memeber into my home to stay with her young family as they settle in the area. And a baby will be born! It’s about time for another bundle of joy in our clan. They all grow up so fast. 

   This is a special honor for me to be able to have my late sister Merilyn’s granddaughter come back with her family, and I can’t wait for their laughter to fill my quiet house again.

   The holidays have never been quite the same since the loss of my sister and my husband so many years ago. Oh I try, but that enthusiasm for every tradition has quieted some, until now. I feet it, the need to decorate whole-heartedly, make chocolates, cut fresh greenery, and have a kids’ party, while bringing back every tradition and living every joyful moment to the fullest. I am anxious to host celebrations, small or large. I am filled with excitement over what the season brings, and for the fact that it really feels good again. 

   It is a discouraging time for many, with prices at an all time high and many feeling a real crunch on their budgets. We hope our Christmas section encourages you to enjoy the small things and celebrate the season in meaningful and simple ways, without breaking the bank.

   It is good to be finished with the magazine just in time to get ready for the holidays, and it is wonderful to welcome Whitney and Mario as they come start their own family here in the mountains near us. For me, may the holiday fun begin.

    Thanks to every reader and every advertiser, all of my family and my friends for their continued support. Enjoy the seasons.