It’s AllAbout Fishing For Michael Rigney – Lassen Tackle – Susanville, Home of Sierra Slammers By Eileen Majors –

   We had a hard time catching up with Michael Rigney, producer of Sierra Slammers, and owner of Lassen Tackle in Susanville, located out on Johnstonville Road near Highway 395. He sells many lines of fishing tackle and makes “evolved baits for the serious angler.” He was on a call when we arrived so we meandered around the shop which sold fishing rods from Ugly Stick, Denali, Shakespeare and more. The store was filled with all kinds of tackle. Several people came in during the short time we were there. A couple of guys were stocking up on all their favorites for a big fishing trip they were taking to Clear Lake. Rigney explained that his Sierra Slammers and Trout Worms work in a lot of places and the store also carries many different brands.  His own lines are well known for getting big fish throughout the Sierras. Locally they are popular in Antelope, Almanor, Walker, and Eagle Lakes with products for backcountry creeks. He makes mini jigs and 2” mini swims, in a variety of colors, all made in the U.S., and assembled in house, right in Lassen County. His Trout Worms are made completely in-house. He took us in the back room where two young men were building and packaging the products. We were beginning to understand why we had a hard time catching up with him when we saw just how many products they were making. He told me they serve anglers in search of largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, trout, Sacramento perch and sturgeon. He told us he’s fished his whole life fanatically.   I had to ask, “How many stores are your products in?”  He had a hard time answering, “I don’t know; all over the place.” he chuckled, leaving it at, “hundreds I guess.” He has them placed in stores locally, in Modoc and in Reno including the big Scheel’s Sporting Goods store.  They are carried in hundreds of small shops, all the way down through  the Sierras to Mammoth, on to Parchers Resort and around Lake Sabrina where his business partner is. Sales are growing as is the reach of their products. He likes being busy though and said he is looking forward to reopening his guide service. This veteran owned store also sells Black Rifle Coffee, t-shirts and more. Come check out the store in Susanville or ask your local bait shop about Sierra Slammers. Find Lassen Tackle at 471-800 Johnstonville Rd.