A Creature Of Habit

“Again, Can You Please Just Let Me Out So I Can Come Back In Again”

   Winter is in the air and it has been really cold… AND it’s been really hot too! I know it sounds crazy but the colder it gets outside, the hotter it gets it inside our house. Where’s a guy supposed to get comfortable around here? I mean yeah, I could go in the kitchen and lay on the cool floor but who wants to do that if Moms not in there cooking? I just go outside a lot. 

   I know Dad’s gotta be hot too cuz he comes outside with me all the time. But Mom, she’s all thrilled about how warm the house gets now that Dad bought her Energy Logs. Dad says he likes ‘em too but I think he’s just lying to make her happy. Me and him, we liked our chilly spot on the couch by the window, especially when we’re watching football.

   I have a little routine in the morning that makes Mom mad and makes her laugh too. Did I tell you? She’s a bit odd. When I get up I like to get my morning meal lined up right away… so any of my friends passing by can get a whiff. My mom gets up early anyway so it’s only right she helps me out. 

   I start nudging her as soon as I hear that coffee grinder. Then I ask real nice, “Can we just go outside?” She always makes me wait until she fills up the whole coffee pot and turns it on. I usually stand up to the counter and use my convincing voice.Then we get to go outside. I give a quick nudge to the bowl, scooting it over and sniffing out who came around last night. Sometimes we take a walk around the yard to see if there have been any other intruders in the night so I can mark some spots. Then I wait…  because after she grabs my dish and brings it inside. You know what that means; the coffee is done. She gets her cup before I get my food. I get it. She brings out my dish and I grab a few pieces to sprinkle around on the porch to attract would-be intruders. She calls me back inside but I won’t go; she ought to know I’m not coming until she picks up the dish and brings it inside. Then I follow her in and run straight back to bed! Oh, I keep one ear open to see if anyone comes to eat the nibbles I left out as bait. And they do… I run as fast as I can and yell as loud as I can until my mom comes to let me out. Even though I really like playing with my friends, I can’t stay out too long when it’s extra cold. Good thing I just have to knock once on the door and Mom lets me in. I hope my buddies’ parents let them in. Mom said we better remind them when It’s this cold outside.

Pet Safety Tips                                                                                   For Cold Weather


When the thermometer drops to sub freezing temperatures, it’s time to be sure your pet is staying warm and staying safe. Dogs left out for much of the day must be protected with shelter. The floor of the structure should be raised off the ground with straw or cedar shavings laid out, according to HumaneSociety.org. The shelter should be large enough for your dog to move comfortably, yet small enough to hold in the dog’s body heat. Waterproof burlap makes a great covering for the door, or heavy plastic that allows the dog easy in-and-out access.

Water Bowls

Oh yeah, those water bowls can freeze solid, so be sure your pets have access to fresh water. And frozen metal can really zap your dog’s tongue, so consider buying a heated bowl for outdoors. 

Dangers of Rock Salt and Snow Melt

Protect your animals from this danger. When pets walk through the snow and over the rock salt or other chemical used to melt snow, it will stick to the pads of their feet. When they’re done walking, they are apt to lick it off just to get rid of it. Be sure to wipe down the pads on your pet’s feet with a damp towel after a walk in the weather.