This is, without a doubt, the earliest I have ever written my column, the very hardest column I’ve ever had to write and the most important for me to date. This may all sound a bit confusing, and if you read our last edition, perhaps even more confusing. In it, we saluted our longtime friend and salesperson Eve DeVeir as we wished her well in retirement. She was a valued member of our team and she retired officlally on July 8th. On July 9th, a tragic accident took her life. I am so glad we had the opportunity to salute her in retirement but now wish to take the opportunity to honor the way she lived her life, carried out her incredible work ethic, held her strong belief in family first. 

Colleague Carol Mashore summed it up well. “Eve had style and she had class.” 

All of her customers were very saddened by the loss and we enjoyed hearing the many stories shared. 

Theresa Phillips from LMUD told me she started working with Eve on advertising decades ago when she was working at the Salvation Army. She said Eve was one of a kind. “She taught me so much, she was a class act and she will be missed.” 

Kathie Garnier of American Pacific Mortgage said, “She was tenacious; her middle name was tenacious, coming here all dressed up in heels (or galoshes) making sure I got my ad in. We had a lot of laughs!” 

Fred at Staub and Sons said, “I couldn’t NOT buy from her.” He was one of several who told us we had big shoes to fill. 

Dave, Lorna and Joy wrote, “She was enjoyable and fun.” 

Brittany at Lake Almanor Brokers worked with Eve regularly on ads. When she heard of Eve’s age at the time of her death, she quickly said, “Wow, she rocked it!” 

We truly did not know her age until she passed, and that is exactly what she wanted. She told me so. Eve approached every day with all she had, being the best mom, grandma, friend and worker that she could be. She made it look easy to step into heels, dress to the nines, and head out on schedule to greet her customers in person. After all, they were also her friends. 

Eve had a method for selling and keeping track of her customers’ advertising. I discovered her system was foolproof, her records, organized and flawless. I now know the reason Eve could turn out four times the work of others one third her age. Every bit of work she did was scheduled and carried out as mere routine. After all, she had family, health and happiness to pursue on a daily basis too. 

All of the things Eve had taught me through the years began to resonate and somehow began to change my attitude about work and doing it more efficiently. 

She had determined goals. She planned to write a book of her family’s interesting history of life in Westwood. She planned on working two more years, too, and nobody doubted she could do it until her valued health took her in the direction of retirement. Eve took her health seriously and I now understood just how important that factor had been in her ability to do so much at her age. She was a health nut. She talked me into raw sugar years ago and had recently talked me into giving up table salt. She said it was killing me; I went out and bought Himalayan sea salt right away and now am reconsidering all of the healthy advice she has given me throughout the years. The things that woman accomplished every day have inspired me- to be more organized, to get started right away on every project and to schedule my new workload as mere routine. 

We heard the tragic news July 9th, and paid tribute to our friend July 15th, the day the magazine telling of her retirement arrived. It all happened so quickly. Her passing has given me new passion for living life to the fullest and following her methods for doing my job more productively. I’ve completely reorganized the office, already built dozens of pages for the new edition and written many of the stories to fill this edition, and it’s only July 19th. Thank you Eve for once again teaching me something huge, even in your passing. 


Eve DeVeir was a true lady, the kind they don’t make anymore. I admired her fierce independence and ability to do anything she set her mind to do. She wasn’t afraid of a hammer or even a shovel if that was what the job required. She was meticulous to a fault and the most put-together person I ever had the honor of calling my friend. She loved with her whole heart and would move heaven and earth to accommodate the happiness and comfort of those closest to her. I treasure every minute we spent together at work and at play, in seriousness and in side-splitting laughter. I think of her often and will miss her always…. 

Melissa Wynn


I loved working with Eve. From day one, it was clear that this woman was a master of her craft. 

I swear to you-no exaggeration- there were some ads we edited at least 30 times. This was because she demanded perfection for her clients. She knew what she wanted and we didn’t quit until she had it. 

She was such a character and I loved listening to her stories. She warmed whatever room she walked into with smiling salutations and a hearty hug. 

I learned a lot from her and will always treasure our friendship and conversations. Eve was someone who truly imprinted on me. 

She was the last of the real ones, from a generation that always left me with a sense nostalgia from a time I was never a part of, a dedication and strength I will always aspire to and a love and kindness I’ll never forget. 

Thank you Eve. 

Your friend- Molly

Happy Holidays From

Mountain Valley Living!