There are few things as exciting for a child as catching their first fish. We all remember our grandfathers telling us to feel the line, keep our eye on the bobber and most of all to have patience. He often said that the wait is why they call it “fishing.”  Without the waiting it would be called “catching.”

  Lucky for Krimzen Martin of Craig Colorado and her local Westwood friend Hailey Aggerholm there is a lovely little lake just 3 miles outside of Greenville where there is very little fishing and a whole lot of catching.

     Known as Round Valley Reservoir, this day-use recreation area is teeming with blue gill that seem to grab the the hook the minute the worm hits the water.

     Nine year old girls are long on excitement and short on patience so this mountain gem is a no brainer when teaching younger children to fish. The shoreline is flat and right next to the road so no hiking is required. Simply set up your lawn chair, bait your hook and let the fun begin.

     Hailey was thrilled when she caught her first fish less than a minute after Krimzen’s grandpa helped her cast her line just beyond the patch of water lillies near the shore. Krimzen had a little more experience with casting and landed her first blue gill just a few minutes later. Amid squeals and giggles and declarations of “I got another one” these newly self proclaimed fishing experts pulled in eighteen fish in just under two hours. Hailey even managed to catch four in a row without ever having to replace her bait. The girls decided that four fish with one worm must be a world record, certainly fame is coming soon.

     Success builds confidence and these two little ladies left Round Valley Reservoir with a bit of a strut in their step certain that they had totally mastered the sport. Krimzen has no fear and was proud to hold her catch by the lips for the camera.

     Fishing can be a great bonding experience. It gets kids outdoors and moving, away from the digital world for awhile. Younger children bore easily so if you want a place where instant gratification will keep them interested, visit Round Valley Reservoir and watch their eyes light up with pride as they learn fishing while catching like a pro. Don’t just take them fishing, take them catching. They don’t stay little long.

From Lake Almanor on Highway 89, in Greenville turn right on Main Street; head 3 miles on Round Valley Road to the lake.