Local Hardware Store Specializes In Old Fashioned Service And Sustainable Living,

From bee-keeping and raising chickens, to gardens & holistic health.

 When you meet Alex and Chrystal deMartimprey from Lassen True Value Hardware store in Westwood you might be surprised to learn they have been in the business for over four decades. Each of their six children have worked in the store over the years. They centered their family around God, and strong educational and holistic values. Their way of life has transcended into the small-town hardware store, where Alex brings in lots of special purchase deals for his customers and Chrystal adds the gardens and chickens. Together they share their holistic ways. 

 At Lassen Hardware chickens are a big thing. Each spring Chrystal brings in chicks and everything it takes to raise them. Adorable chicken coops are part of the fun as are directions for building your own chicken coop. 

Lassen True Value has been associated with the national brand for decades. It helps them offer special pricing on a variety of items. 

“What’s really taken off, according to Alex are the Energy Logs. They’ve had to order more than four times as many as last year already, compared to 2018, when they brought in the new product. Customers reorder because they burn clean, hot and efficiently, and take up far less space than firewood. One carton equals the heating power of 2-1/2 cords of firewood. Sample packs are available for sale. 

 Chrystal said, “We are excited to offer Non GMO, Open Pollinated seeds from Seed Savers Exchange. These seeds have been harvested by gardeners and farmers from across the world. We have seeds for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in our high altitude gardens. We have a variety of soils to help get those seeds growing. I was thrilled to harvest lettuce, kale and even radishes from my window garden this winter. And I can hardly wait to get my hands in the dirt outside this spring.”

 Lassen True Value Hardware

318 Ash Street • Westwood • 530-256-3141