Grey Fox (urocyon cinereoargenteus)

By Wildlife Photographer Jan Ramelli

Jan Ramelli Wildlife Photographer

   The Grey Fox is fairly common in our area, and those of us who have chickens are certain that they are abundant! They are a smallish canid, standing at about 15” tall, weighing up to 13 pounds.  Their coloring is mostly gray, with reddish below and on the back of their head, and a white throat.  Their ears are prominent (better to hear you with)!

   Did you know that they can climb, and they will actually take refuge or forage in trees?

   They typically find a den site amongst boulders, small caves, and hollow trees or logs which they use throughout the winter for shelter.

   While the male helps tend the young, they breed in early spring and produce up to 4 kits (or cubs).  The kits are weaned at about 3 months old, and begin to hunt for themselves at about 4 months.

   One of the reasons that the fox is seldom seen is that they are nocturnal and hunt at night.  They are omnivores, and their diet includes small mammals, fruit, nuts, and berries.

   Keep your eyes open at dusk and dawn, and sometimes during the day as they forage in brush and thick foliage.   Grey Fox Jan Ramelli