We had a wedding in our front yard recently which filled up my yard with people. Really? They spent days getting ready for the event too, meaning I had to keep getting “out of the way” all the time… Hey, wait a minute; This is my yard. And I was trying to state that, while everyone was busy making sure I knew they didn’t even want me to come to their big event. Are you kidding me? A party in my yard and I’m not invited?! No Dogs? My dad nodded at me, telling me I’d really get to come; but who should I believe? They say I can’t come. You know I’m a worrier. What if they don’t let me stay home? What will I do if my dad’s not home?

     It was Friday when our first guest arrived, or the first one I noticed, for sure. Her name was Nike and she was about the size of my dinner bowl; maybe it’s a dog party. Boy could she run, even with her short little legs, and her curly platinum hair bouncing around that bright pink collar. She’s from Hollywood, ya know? And she came here just to play with me. That little poodle loves to run circles as much as me. She can really keep up. I only tripped over her a couple of times. She’s so small, and a runner, you know; so there’s no way to tell which way she’s going next. We ran around the tables until we knocked over a chair; (well..I did), but we both got in trouble. Nike had to go in the house. (Oops; sorry Nike, my fault!)

     Next thing you know, I see Luna, my old buddy from Oregon. She and I really like running circles: that’s just what we do. She’s a big dog like me. I met her out in the driveway and it wasn’t a minute before we were running just like the old days. That is, until… we ended up circling around tables and knocking down chairs again. I had to go inside but Nike and me got to play with some kids.

     Pretty soon one of the kids (accidentally) let me out. Oops.. (Nice!) So I race to find Luna. Then all of a sudden, here comes Nike running toward us like a champ. (I guess we’re having a dog party after all!.. Thank you, Dad) That little Nike can run with the big dogs; she ain’t afraid a-nothin’, even if ya accidentally step on her.  Oops! Next thing you know I’m back in the house, and Nike and Luna have to go home. Was that the big event? 

     Turns out, that wasn’t even the party at all. The next day people came early, fixing up the tables and I was obviously really not welcome. Thankfully, Dad took me for a ride in the truck. When we got back, it was like a big surprise. My yard was all fixed up special. Wow… for me? Sweet! My heart is racing; I’m so excited. I jump out of the truck to take a sniff around, but immediately I get shut down, again; back in the house I am put. Oh well, I go take a nap with Dad. Pretty soon, Nike comes back. We run around the house as much as we can until the kids show up. It doesn’t take long to slip out once they get here. We had to sit on the porch and be quiet for a while with Dad, but after that, everybody was giving us snacks. Before long, Luna came back and it was a dog party after all. I never shoulda doubted my dad.