Lassen College Works to Enhance Campus Life

Live in Lassen. Enjoy beautiful scenery amid endless recreational opportunities; Attend Lassen Community College in Susanville.
   With the new initiatives under Guided Pathways and Student Equity, Lassen Community College is striving to increase social involvement and  enhance student life on campus.  One response to achieving this vision is the renovation of the Student Union/Cafeteria area adjacent to the Quad. This area includes a gas fire pit for students to enjoy, along with seating and landscaping to harmonize with the surroundings.

   Gregory Collins, Director of Facilities at Lassen Community College, has been the visionary for this innovative campus improvement project. Mr. Collins stated that “The use of native rock to replace grass assists in the college’s mandated requirement to reduce water consumption.  The area will enhance social interaction, serving to improve students’ academic experience and community while acknowledging learning environments outside the traditional classroom setting.”

Community Interest

   Collins explained, ” I am encouraged about the community interest in the changes we are trying to achieve here at Lassen College,” explaining his vision for the fire pit sculpture. 

“While the landscape design was being developed I became convinced that there needed to be a strong visual element to hold the space when the fire pit was not in use. It needed to be something that provided a complimentary contrast to the natural rock landscape – sculpture was the right programmatic and cultural choice.”

   “To be successful, the shape and scale had to be consistent with the design concept.  The clean geometric use of circular planters juxtaposed to the rural elements set the theme for the space and the emphasis for the use of a circular shape in the sculpture. In the hope of eliciting conversation I wanted the work to be purposely simplistic and contemporary and not representational. However I did want the piece to contain a sense of movement both flowing and sharp which was achieved by adding more negative space to the core of the sphere.”

   He continued, “Public art has a uniquely different set of parameters which can constrain your artistic choices but these limitations can also be the emphasis for creativity which if successful will evoke introspection and perhaps even a sense of wonder.” 

Renaissance Man

   “The creation of this outdoor space has been a great group effort where the design evolved as the site took shape. There are many to thank for their support and inspiration –  each who are dedicated to making this a student friendly place conducive to student success. One outstanding individual of the team that brought his creative talents into focus was Joe Morgan, our staff  electrician and “Renaissance Man” who personally selected and creatively placed the rock for this project,” he said.

   Adding, “Every piece of art needs a patron. particularly when we do not use college funds for such items. I was not able to carry this burden on my own so Terry Bartley, our Controller and her husband Mike provided significant funding for this work in an effort to complete the project and infuse the space with a touch of cultural significance. They have been longtime supporters of the College.

   Collins concluded, “With every new improvement here at Lassen College there is a renewed interest in exceeding user expectations and providing an environment that helps each student achieve their goals.  Our commitment  to excellence in education has never wavered and reviving our facilities is just a small part of our overall plan. For our department, it is exciting to see what the future will bring and to play a small role in helping to shape the vision and mission of this fine institution.” 

S’mores with the President

   Activities for this area include outdoor classes, movies on the green, student activities, S’mores with the President, night rallies, concerts on the green and campus barbecues.

   The California Guided Pathways Project Model is an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success. This is based on designed, clear, educational program maps that include specific course sequences, progress milestones, and learning outcomes. These are aligned to what students need to complete their desired course of study. Student Equity ensures equal educational opportunities and promotes student success.

   Lassen Community College is located on CA Highway 139 in Susanville. Near Lake Almanor, Mt. Lassen and loads of outdoor adventures, this small town college offers big opportunity. It’s also fairly close to Reno.

Lassen Community College

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