1. Supplies: 12-inch Metal Wreath Frame, Plastic Mesh Yellow and Green, Wired Burlap Ribbon in Brown, Pipe cleaners, Zip-ties, 1 sheet of stiff Plastic Canvas, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, and a sharpie

2. Cut yellow and green plastic mesh into pieces. For the green leaves, I used 11×10 inch pieces. For the yellow petals, I used 10×10 inch pieces. You will need 12 of the green pieces and 48 of the yellow. Don’t stress if they aren’t exactly the same the mesh is hard to measure and cut. Just get it as close as you can.

3. Starting with the green, fold the pieces so two of the diagonal corners are touching and scrunch it together. It should look like a bowtie when you pick it up. Secure those to the wreath with the pipe cleaners, one at a time, but two pieces per pipe cleaner. 

4. Now on to the yellow petals. It’s the same technique as the green. Two diagonal corners together then scrunched into the shape of a bowtie, then secure to the wreath with the pipe cleaners. This color needs many more petals to fill in all the space. This is what is going to give your wreath volume. There are four metal rings that need filled in with the petals, so on the first ring you need to start in between the green leaves and the rings following you need to offset the petals like a real flower so there aren’t any gaps where the metal frame can show.

5. Trace the inner circle of the metal frame with a sharpie onto the stiff plastic canvas. Cut out the circle. Take your wired burlap ribbon (brown) and wrap it around the plastic canvas. Secure each wrap to the plastic canvas with zip ties. Make sure you are only securing the wired burlap in the back. You will need to mess with the wired ribbon to get it to look the way you want. The wire in the ribbon will help it keep the shape you want.

6. After you are happy with how the ribbon is laying you will need two zip ties to secure the center to the metal frame. Set it in the center of the yellow petals. You might have to move the yellow petals to get it to fit in there, but don’t worry because after it is secured there you will need to go through and gently pull on the yellow petals to fluff them and get them where you think they need to go.

7. Last thing to do after fluffing the petals and getting the brown center how you want, is to look through the plastic mesh for any threads that look like strings. You can pull these out it won’t hurt it at all. To minimize this problem when you are cutting the petals and leaves, make sure you cut right in the center of the little squares.

8. I also made Daisy wreaths using the same technique with white petals and yellow center. Another tip if you feel up to it is to add some gold plastic mesh throughout the yellow to give it more definition. You can add your own flare and use this technique to make any kind of flower you would like.