By Diane Nicole, Diane Nicole Photography

Lets be real, finding a photographer for your wedding is probably the most important vendor you will want to have for your special day. No matter where you are, what food you eat, what clothes you decide to wear, nothing will be documented unless you have a photographer there to capture it. These images are going to be what you have left over after that long planned and fast paced, fun filled day. I strongly feel that these images will also be your gateway back to this special day, only to relive it all over again. It is so important to make sure you fit a professional into your budget. There are three tips I know that should be considered for choosing the right photographer for you.


by Diane Nicole Photography

So I know it may sound like a no brainer but having an experienced wedding photographer to capture your day is IDEAL!

There is so much more to wedding photography then just someone capturing moments throughout the day. There is an extensive amount of prep with couples before the actual wedding day. For instance when I get an inquiry from a couple, we chat quite a bit about what they are wanting and expecting, photography wise, for their wedding day. We go over EVERYTHING in regards to capturing getting ready, bridal party photos, family photos, ceremony, the reception, a first look, if they are having one and so on. Do they want all of this captured or just part of the day? We go over and talk about their timeline of the wedding, which is where I come in, and suggest and educate them on how long it actually takes to photograph these sorts of events during the day. Because 99% of people don’t realize that it takes, for instance, thirty minutes plus to photograph their wedding dress and rings and so on for their detail shots. Or, in most cases, it take thirty to forty-five minutes to photograph all the requested family portraits after their ceremony in which they thought it would take fifteen. This is where an experienced professional would shine for you and make your wedding day less stressful because we have discussed all these details and created a timeline that flows well and smooth. It’s so important for me to make sure that my couples do not have to worry about where I am going to be or if I am going to miss anything, because we are already on the same page.  This is so important, couples shouldn’t worry about whether or not I am doing my job, they should be enjoying their wedding and family and friends. This is why an experienced professional is extremely beneficial.

Style and Personality-

Wedding Couple by Diane Nicole Photography

Every photographer photographs differently. We are artists and our tool is our camera. We think differently, we see the the world differently and we capture peoples expressions and emotions differently. When you are looking for a photographer, look at how they photograph. Do you feel connected to it? What do you love or not about their work? More than likely they will photograph your day similarly to how they photograph others. Browse websites or request to see a gallery that shows the whole day, most photographers show their highlighted images on their websites. If you love their work, reach out! Ask if they are available for your wedding date. Let them know what you love about their work (we love hearing what attracts people to our style of photography). Then check on pricing. If you are lucky they will respond rather quickly and be available for you AND fit within your budget.

When you get to talk to that photographer,  see how you connect with each other. You are spending one of your most important days of your life with this person. Its’ a very intimate relationship. If you like how they treat you and it reflects what you see from their style of work, then more than likely when it comes to this part of choosing your photographer you will be happy to have them there sharing and capturing your day with you.


villa wedding by Diane Nicole Photography

We all know that weddings these days are an investment. Some of us spend years saving for this day, or if you are lucky you have family to help with the finances. But where to begin when it comes to deciding who you are going to have as your wedding day photographer? There are many photographers out there and they all vary in price, style, knowledge and experience. More than likely the more desired and/or experienced the photographer, the higher the price. I notice when talking to couples that their budget is really where they have a challenge when seeing what it is they are really buying.

Let me ask you something, are the images of your wedding day important to you? That was a trick question, Of COURSE they are! But in reality some people really cannot look past the cost. And of course, some couples budget might not be as large as others. So lets go over what is the MOST IMPORTANT to you. If budget is the most important, there are a ton of photographers that will fit your budget. But be conscientious, ask about experience and check out some of their past work. If you like what you see and are happy with what they are offering then I’d say you found your photographer.

If you are like most individuals, budget is accounted for but you really want to have the images from your day to represent who you are as a couple and be something that will be timeless through the years. Style and experience should be your priority while staying on budget.

Please don’t let your budget be the only factor in choosing the right photographer. There are photographers out there that fit every couple, just make sure to check off theses important parts of the list. Are they professional? Does their style move you? Are they kind/fun? Will they accommodate all your needs? Does it fit within your budget? When you find yes to all five you have found your photographer.