It is time we got to know our readers better. We couldn’t be more thrilled when each edition arrives and you guys pick up pretty much every magazine we put out. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

Now, with the ever-changing demands of competing in the digital world, I could really use your help. We need to more clearly define our market, and that includes you. Whether you are a reader of our print edition only, engage with us digitally, or both, I could really use your help. We are conducting a reader survey and I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill one out.

You can find a link to the survey at the top of our website front page at We will also publish a printed version for those who prefer. To have one mailed to you, just call our office at 530-256-2800. All printed entries are directed to survey facilitator, and will be held highly confidential. We just need to know how you feel about the magazine, even if you just read the print edition. As we strive to move forward, we thank you for your help!

As the season begins to unfold, I wish you a very merry holiday, filled with time- plenty of time to spend with family and good friends.

We hope you enjoy our holiday edition, perhaps try a recipe or find a moment of peace in something we have to offer.

I hope I also can slow down, dedicate more time for faith, family and friends. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday business and forget what is truly important. I know if I put the important things first, the rest will fall into place. I just need to make time to practice it. (Wish me luck!)

Meanwhile, have a blessed holiday season, with time to savor all the joy there is to embrace.

   Thanks for reading,