By Christy Milan

The water splashes up and you hear the motor whirling as you dash across the water with the speed of a jet. The sun is shining and the water is perfect. Summer is here in the North state and with the rains and snow of winter, our area is the perfect place to get away and play. One area to do just that is the Sacramento River.

The Sacramento River is California’s longest river and it originates in the mountains of Northern California. The Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River and Pit River all flow into Shasta Lake. From there the water flows through Keswick Dam and down through the City of Redding. In the City of Redding the great Sacramento River twists and turns as the current sweeps under the Sundial Bridge. The Sundial Bridge is a marvel in itself with its glass bottom and pedestrian walk way. This is also the place that Redding Jet Boat Tours depart from.

Redding Jet Boat Tours offers a rare experience unequalled to other water experiences. The custom built 26 ft jet boat provides ample room to relish the beauty of the North state. They offer several different styled tours according to your needs. The Wildlife Photography/ Eco Tours are sure to delight the photo loving aficionado.

This tour includes hours of time to capture that perfect photo of wildlife in their natural habitat. The riparian forests that line the river provide a diverse habitat for wildlife. Many mammals have been seen along the river banks including beaver, black-tailed deer, otter, ring-tail cat, gray fox, bobcat and mountain lions. The river itself is teeming with fish including Chinook salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, striped bass and small and large mouth bass. The birds that inhabit the area include over 200 species. You may spot a bald eagle or even a golden eagle along with other species such as osprey, egrets and the great blue heron.  The landscape creates a serene escape allowing for a glimpse into the natural world. Enjoy being surrounded by the cool waters sparkling with the sun’s rays and relax with the flow.

One other option for a tour includes the corporate team. Need to come together with your team from work? This corporate team building tour offers a fun way to do just that! Gliding down the river can put anyone at ease and possibly allow for some team building. Bring out your co-workers for a relaxing time on the river. Get outside that box and get a fresh new perspective with views along a river that seems to allow time to stand still. This is sure to be talked about around the water cooler.

Other tours include religious and spiritual retreats. Families can appreciate the river with their own tours as well. All tours can be customized to meet the needs of any group. The size of a group can vary and time restraints can be taken into consideration when planning your tour.

The weather is heating up and in Northern California our waterways provide a wonderful way to cool down in the dog days of summer.