Driving around Susanville, we noticed an interesting tree carved into a scene. Our Digital Marketing Director (and photographer) Jaime insisted we stop and have a look. We hollered to the upstairs porch and asked if we could take some pictures. We were welcomed by Judy McInnis, husband Manny and son Marvin. Judy told us how she remembered her momma planting that tree when she was a little girl. Eventually it grew so big, its arms reached over the road and one arm fell. She knew it had grown unsafe, yet could not imaging getting rid of the tree. It was decided they would have to cut it down, but they left enough stump for a local carver, Bill from Westwood, to carve out a magnificent scene. Since Judy and her husband had been married 55 years at the time of the carving, Bill suggested carving two wolves, since they mate forever. You can see the stream flowing in the carving. Next to it, Manny has constructed what we were told is called a Good Luck Bottle Tree. The trunk and branches were constructed in steel and it was mounted in cement; over 200 glass beer and wine bottles were attached. When the sun catches the shimmer of the glass, its as if you can feel the good luck. We greatly enjoyed meeting them and hearing about their tales of snowmobiling Westwood in the old days. In fact, Judy was a snowmobile champion in 13 states.