By Mara Dobyns

Mountain Bikers Love Our Historic Bizz Johnson Trail and Susanville Ranch Park Trails. The historic Bizz Johnson Trail is spread across 26 miles between Westwood and Susanville with crossings over the Susan River, bridges and trestles. “The scenic ride is a favorite and has landed quite a few mountain bikers in Westwood, according to Ryan Gibbs, owner of Buffalo Chips Pizza in Westwood. The Bizz Johnson Trail winds 25.4 miles from Susanville to Mason Station. For the first 16 miles, the trail chases the Susan River. The rugged Susan River Canyon will take you across the river 12 times on bridges and trestles.”

There’s a new map featuring ‘Water Trails’, Kayaking, And Spots To Fish Around The Shore. What could be better for us adventurers?

Looking To Hike To A More Secluded Area? Our writer Mara Dobyns hikes to all sorts of places, one of our favorites was her adventurous hike to Homer Lake.

Visit The Caribou Wilderness. Offering lots of great hiking and plenty of spots to take a dip and cool off in a beautiful mountain lake.

Looking For Trails In and Around Redding? Let Dave break it down for you in this article featuring hiking spots in the area. From the Sacramento River Rail Trail to the Clear Creek Greenway read about the terrain and opportunities each trail has to offer.

Take The Scenic Route in Chico in Lower and Upper Bidwell Park. Whether you’re looking for a quick trail for some daily exercise or you want to do the full 14 mile Bidwell Park Tour to see all the best views.