It’s been cold and windy our neck of the woods and nobody wants to go outside but me. I think about it all the time but nobody else seems to. They are just perfectly

content sitting on the couch, no matter how many strong glares I send. I like playing in the snow. And there is really nothing like scratching your back on a crisp bed of icy snow in the morning.

Not sure anybody has noticed but playing ball is also way more fun in the snow. I could run in the snow all day long, but they won’t let me. Instead we go out for no time at all and they stay on the porch. They don’t throw the ball. We don’t go look at the creek. We barely even go for rides in the truck anymore. What about the lake? I know it’s still there; they just won’t take me.

I jump up on my dad and say, “let’s go.” That always used to work. Now instead of going out to play, he opens the door, lets me out and stays in the house half the time. Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to play all by myself?

I know it’s cold; even I can tell when it’s 11 degrees outside. They don’t have to talk about it all the time. I’m a pretty big guy with a thick coat of warm fur, and I know they have coats they could put on; they just don’t. Mom said it’s not good for dogs to stay out in the cold a long time. I get it; I know some of my friends get cold pretty quick. So I thought I better share some tips for you guys with pets and especially those with small or short-haired pets.

According to the Humane Society, cold weather can be dangerous for pets. They recommend keeping your dog or cat inside with the family when it’s cold. Taking dogs out frequently for walks and exercise will keep them happy and healthy (and kill the boredom for your furry friend.) During walks, think about putting a sweater on our shorthaired friends. No matter what the temp is, windchill can threaten a pet’s life. Us pets are sensitive to severe cold and at risk for frostbite and hypothermia when the thermometer drops to this extreme cold snaps. They say that exposed skin on your pet’s nose, ears and paw pads can quickly freeze and suffer permanent damage. (Okay, thanks guys, I don’t really mind staying inside with you.)

If your dog has to be outdoors much of the day, please protect them with a dry shelter, free of drafts. Make sure it is large enough so your pet can sit and lie down comfortably, but small enough to hold in his or her body heat. Also make sure the water dish does not freeze. I guess winter can be dangerous; I had no idea. Hang in there; stay warm and I’ll see you at the lake come summer.