Pro Golfer Visits Westwood

by E. Majors
In the area with his dad, Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson visited Westwood recently. Phil Michelson, Sr. attended school in Westwood and graduated in Chester. When their family arrived at the museum, Sheri Binswanger immediately called Terry Ferguson, a fellow board member for the Westwood Museum. He went to school with Mickelson, Sr. and the two had fun sharing old times.
The Mickelson family also visited Buffalo Chips Pizza, where he may have gone unnoticed. The staff that was on duty enjoyed his visit and his compliments so much, they made a point to remember to tell Ryan, Buffalo Chips owner, how many good things this guy had to say. After work, two sisters working at the pizza parlor were shown this photo of Phils, Jr. and Sr. by their mom, who asked, “Did you happen to see this guy in Buffalo Chips today? One responded, “Oh yes, he was so nice and he might even be coming back to get pizza to take on a plane somewhere.” They were surprised when they found out who they had served and couldn’t believe they did not recognize him. Owner Ryan Gibbs commented later that he was glad Mr. Mickelson got to enjoy a special day in Westwood that was all about his dad.