Music is one of those miraculous entities that have the power to transcend numerous boundaries. It can bring together people of different ages, races, and cultures. We all hear the same song but it might hold a different meaning for each of us. Music imprints on us; lyrics, melodies, moods and certain songs root themselves in our lives and have the power to anchor themselves to our memories. When music is done right, you can feel it. Rickety Bridge does music right.

Cory Rickert and David Bainbridge, the ‘musical duo’ of Rickety Bridge, have been playing music together for two years. Though they started out with acoustic guitars they quickly began adding other instruments. Today the duo plays numerous instruments including the bass, banjo, harmonica, acoustic guitars and just recently added drum kits they play with their feet.

“They are full on drum kits. Dave and I made them and we each have one.” Rickert explained, “They just add a cool energy to the place when we start busting out the drums. They help add music that people can really dance to.”

Not only is it a show to watch the duo play their instruments but also every event is built around that night’s audience. Rickety Bridge mostly plays cover songs but they never plan a Set list.

“We have 120 songs on our list and depending on the crowd for the night, we just kind of fish to see what they like. When we find a genre that’s hitting, we’ll start picking songs we think people will want to hear,” says Rickert.

They play everything from Bluegrass, classic rock, country, to pop songs, and progressive finger-style. Some of the artists they cover are Tom Petty, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Dispatch, Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, George Straight, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers, and they even throw in some Paula Abdul now and then. With the addition of the drum sets they now say that their favorite songs to cover are “Miss You” by the Rolling Stones and “Feel Like Making Love” by Bad Company.

Rickert and Bainbridge have an impressive set up for two people and take their craft very seriously. They spend hours setting up equipment and doing sound checks. They want their shows to sound the best they can. With this expectation there is also added pressure within the band to be practiced and ready for the shows.

“I was worried at first that it would change.” Bainbridge said, “Playing guitar was something I did to relax and have fun, I didn’t want it to turn into something stressful.”

When you are watching these men play the classics of every genre, you can tell they are enjoying every minute of it and having fun. Whether they are singing together or solo on a cover song, their unique style naturally seeps through adding the extra boost it takes to do justice to a great song.

Rickety Bridge plays Saturdays at 6:30 at the Highlands Ranch Resort in Mill Creek. You can check out their website or their Facebook page RicketyBridgemusic. But I would definitely suggest seeing these guys perform live.

There are certain people that radiate through their passions and Bainbridge and Rickert are two of these people. You not only see the fun their having but you can feel it in every song they sing. Hunter S. Thompson once said, “A car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles with the right music on.” Rickety Bridge is the right kind of music.