By Melissa Wynn

As technology and the millennials modernize the way we shop, trinkets from the past have had to find a way to join the main stream.

One trend gaining popularity is the “here today, gone tomorrow” Pop-Up shop. Dealers set up shop in a temporary location, open only on a set number of dates and then promote the endeavor heavily through social media. If you have a favorite antique dealer be sure to follow them and sign up for alerts.

Uptown Vintage & Shabby of Chico is one of many such dealers that already have their summer schedule planned and posted. They will be popping up for your eclectic shopping pleasure at 1311 Mangrove Avenue #C on the following dates. • May 19-22

• June16-19

• July 21-24

• August 18-21

• September 15-18

• October 20-23

Local events and summertime flea markets are another great place to find that one of kind item antique hounds are always hunting. Several dealers and even private sellers rent space at these events bringing their show to the road for your shopping pleasure.

Another fun way to seek out items from days gone by that are trending here in NorCal is the all-day antiquing cruise. Friends and collectors begin their day strolling the antique shops of the warmer valley regions around Redding, Chico and Paradise, gathering treasures as they go. As the valley heat of the day becomes unbearable it is time to head for the hills and check out all the little shops in the smaller towns at higher elevations. Whether you head up HWY 70, HWY 36 or HWY 44 through Quincy, Greenville, Chester and Susanville, or choose to meander up Interstate HWY 5 through Weed and Mount Shasta, or wander over to HWY 299 up around Burney and Fall River Mills, you are sure to find cooler temperatures and plenty of eclectic little shops to fill your afternoon and your car with memories from the mountains. Take the long way around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the drive.

Whether you set a schedule and make a list of places to visit or just hop in the car and enjoy the mystery of discovery, antique shop hopping is always an amazing adventure. Check your social media, invite a friend to go along and go in search of pretties from the past. You never know what might pop up.