Bow Season’s Coming

By Dave Huhtala, Owner
The Elegant Iris and The Men’s Den

It’s time to get your bow out and shoot it for the upcoming season. You should check it over and make sure your strings are in good shape. Also check limbs, wheels, sight pins and don’t forget your arrows.

You can take your bow package into your local pro shop for assistance, but don’t wait until the last minute. Likewise if you do not have a bow and are interested in purchasing one, don’t wait until the last minute, your local pro shop may have to order one for you.

I recommend you build your bow package from scratch and get it from a pro shop. This way you can choose better accessories, get the tools you need and some good advice all at the same time and place.

Remember one thing, when you need your bow repaired or serviced, the manufacturer is going to recommend a pro shop in your area that sells their bows to do any work. Another good reason to support your local pro shops is they try to get you back in the field as quick as possible. During hunting season they may even go into the shop after hours to help archers in need of a bow repair or accessories.

Local Pro shops often know where a big buck is hanging out, or a landowner who may give permission to hunt on their land. Things such as lodging, camping areas, guide services and where or where not to go. It takes years to learn an area. Find out where the local shops are before you leave on your hunt, and stop in when you get into town to get to know the owners. Who knows, you may need their services in a pinch.

I know my wife and I are glad to help out! We want you to have a good time in the great outdoors of Lassen, Plumas, and Modoc Counties. If you are going out of state we strive to help you to have what you are going to need ahead of time.

Have fun, be safe, and may your arrows fly straight and true.

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