PEACE OF MIND with FreezeAlarm… FreezeAlarmTM will actually dial three phone numbers when it identifies a potentially dangerous home temperature according to Louis Benny of Almanor Energy Plus. Often times their local company is able to fix the problem before the homeowner ever knows there is a problem. Homeowners can also reset and change the thermostats themselves by phone .

Don’t forget to roll up those hoses before freezing temperatures come. Be sure to get all of the water out of the hose first so it doesn’t freeze and crack this winter, even in the shed. Also, that sprinkler system will have to be drained and all the water blown out for all those living in the cold mountain weather. Forgetting little things like one of these will cost you.

Mark where your water main shut off valve is by measuring its distance and angle from two permanent points on your property. Leave written details where you will find them. When deep snow comes and you have a frozen pipe, you will be glad you did.

A towel rolled up tightly the long way can do a lot for keeping the draft from coming under doors until you can weatherstrip. Sometimes at craft shows you can find the a ready made “door snake” which is nothing more than a long tube of fabric, filled with tiny Styrofoam balls or other insulating material. Lay it across the bottom of the door jam when door is not in use. Get those air leaks sealed up as soon as possible.