Tank On Travel

Everybody likes a little vacation IF they get to go. My parents recently took a trip WITHOUT me. Can you believe it? It’s not like I’m any trouble in the back seat of that truck. I go everywhere with my dad, so I could tell something was up. He kept carrying stuff out to the truck and frankly, I was getting pretty nervous. Ok, that did it; I snuck out and jumped in the truck and hid in the back seat while he loaded all of mom’s stuff. I put my head down low hoping they would not even notice me until we got going and started having some fun. Then they’d remember why they really want me along.

They walked out, got in the truck and whew! I made it. The doors shut and I am in. I’m still laying pretty low, just to be safe. Then all of a sudden we stop at one of my favorite places. I get out and see one of my favorite people. I’m excited to see her, then, all of a sudden I notice I’ve been left there!


I know it won’t be so bad, but boy are they going to hear about it when they get home! I kept thinking about our last vacation. What did I do wrong? I got to chase some ducks across a mud flat; they were so happy when I came back, they laid out a blanket for me to sleep on in the back seat. Then we went to that outdoor cafe and I found all kinds of goodies after I ran under a table and accidentally tripped a waitress. I cleaned it all up and I’m pretty sure they had fun. They were laughing. Why aren’t they taking me? Are they not coming back? I bet they’ve left me for good.

I know, us rescue dogs tend to worry like that, but I know my dad’s got to be worried too. Right?

I head into the house with Rhonda and next thing you know we’re heading to the lake, then back to the house for an amazing meal. This gal serves some good chow. The next day we got up and headed out to feed the chickens. I almost got into some trouble out there, but then we went for a walk.

Next thing you know, guess who’s back? I’d like to tell them, “I’VE been on my own vacation. I didn’t miss you at all.”  But instead I jumped all over them yelping about how much I missed them as I spun circles around them for a good ten minutes. They loved it! They kept laughing and petting me.

Then I hear Mom telling Dad that now that it’s fall and there aren’t so many people out there vacationing, they’re going to bring me along next time. Fall is a great time to travel with pets.

If you don’t have a four-legged friend of your own, visit a local rescue and pick one out. Maybe you have a funny story about your dog. If so send it to me and maybe send me her picture too, if you will. You can email my mom at [email protected].