Hitting the Dirt… A Family Adventure

by Teresa Majors

Northeastern California boasts some of the most perfect weather and terrain for the dirt biking lifestyle. That’s exactly what dirt biking is, a “lifestyle”, an activity that many friends and family can enjoy together. Most all of my family and friends are extreme riders and have been since they were young.
dirt615370_4759546913495_1508332852_oThose who are lucky enough to ride realize it is an activity the whole family enjoys.  With other sports, most parents are on the sideline cheering on their “champs”. But with a dirt biking family, Mom, Dad, Sister and even the family dog can enjoy the adventure. As a “moto-mom”, the biggest benefit of being off-roaders is that my kids are out riding in the fresh air, enjoying the terrain they live in, boosting their endurance and, best of all, they are not sitting behind their cell phones, tablets and television programs.

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There are so many values learned and benefits received for young dirt bike riders. I’ve noticed with my son, that at the very young age of four, he had learned to use a clutch, brakes and other functions of his bike. Soon after, he learned simple maintenance of his bike such as cleaning air filters, changing oil and checking his tires. All of these factors are helping him be safe and ensuring proper maintenance of his bike. When he is 16, he will be very comfortable driving, and even using a clutch, because he has already been taught. He has also learned extra patience, concentration, environmental awareness, danger awareness, wildlife appreciation and last but not least, safety awareness.
With all of these values and benefits  it’s hard to say that dirt biking isn’t a lifestyle for the whole family. So get the family together, have mom pack a lunch and get all of your safety gear together. Fill up the bikes and go for a family ride.