The Stove Junction

1) Claim a Corner of the Yard or Porch

Coffee table with teacups and tasty cakes in gardenSummer is time to enjoy the great outdoors. Claim a spot in your garden or on the porch, any place in the yard where you might enjoy a quiet seat now and then. Whether you are taking a trip outside to read a book and enjoy a cup of tea or just need a spot to take a private phone call, it is great to have a spot all set up to call your own. Choose a comfortable chair and place some sort of a table beside it. All the better if you have a drawer or box to stash away a tablet and pencil. Keep a sturdy-based vase for those occasional cut flowers that may be hiding somewhere in the garden or a beautiful potted plant or two.

2) Window Box Flowers

This is one beautiful way to set off your home for summer. Homeowner John Stewart constructed the window boxes himself.window box blowers john brandi stewart.46 After market products are also available; here, red geraniums and lavender wave petunias end up completely  covering the box by summer’s end. In cooler climates, Johnny JumpUps tend to last long after most summer blooms have gone away.

3) Plant Sweet Peas For Drought-Tolerant Color

This bright bloomer is drought-resistant and in the mountains will usually bloom through much of June. In hot climates the flowers may disappear by Spring. Today, there are a wide range of colors and varieties to choose from. We love the old fashioned wild vines. They stand up fairly well on their own but can be used Everlasting Sweet Peawith a trellis for optimum climbing. They look great near rocks and can turn a bland area of the yard into a fragrant and colorful display.

4) Paver Game to Cover Up a Forgotten Area

We all have those areas in the lawn or yard that just do not seem to flourish. Consider putting together a paver game. Dig out any existing lawn or area of dirt and weeds, and level the area to be used, low enough so that when the pavers are added, the level is flush with lawn. Follow installation instructions for the pavers you choose, usually by using a leveled sand base. Choose square-shape pavers, using nine square ‘bricks’ to lay out a tic tac toe “board” in the yard. Choose five similarly-sized white or light rocks and five black or dark rocks to use as X’s and O’s. You may even wish to paint X’s and O’s on the rocks.