An Inexpensive Way To Prolong Vehicle Life

By Paul Romesburg

The “modern” tune up is designed to easily remove carbon build up, improving fuel economy and producing a smoother idle while also increasing power — all the while lowering your emissions numbers. Got your attention? Sounds like snake oil doesn’t it? It is not. In fact, it’s the result of using the Motorvac high powered carbon removal system for your car’s tune up needs. It hooks into your fuel system (re- moving the control of the fuel pump) and cleans the spark plugs, oxygen sensors, injector, fuel rails, and catalytic converter. It continues to push the carbon from the system until it’s clean. You don’t pour it in your tank and just hope for the best.

The cheaper the gas the more additives are used. Additives “bake” on the inside of the fuel rails and restrict fuel flow. This can cause early failure of your fuel pump and clogging of your fuel filter.

Before Motorvac was invented, mechanics would take your engine apart and scrape out the carbon to help prolong the life of your engine (and fuel pump). This process could take days and was very expensive. The Motorvac process takes roughly an hour and can be used to determine if your fuel pump is failing.

We have seen Motorvac make the difference between passing the California Emissions Test or not. Will a Motorvac service ensure your vehicle will pass a smog test? No, but it may be the little “push” your vehicle needs to pass once all your mechanical parts are known to be good.

Every once in a while what seems too good to be true is not. Keeping your fuel system clean is a good and inexpensive way to help prolong the life of your vehicle. We recommend power cleaning the system every 30,000 miles. Paul Romesburg 001