Mattresses Handmade In Chico, Ca

By Stacy Fisher

Ennis Rife established Square Deal Mattress Factory and Upholstery in 1920 with three strong beliefs: honesty, service and quality. These traditional values have been passed down through the generations to Square Deal Mattress_3form the back- bone of Square Deal Mattress Factory and Upholstery.

Marketing Manager Michelle Mattern says because the company is family-owned, “we take pride in making mattresses that are high quality yet less expensive,” than the competition.

Because they have been around for over 94 years, they’re one of the older names in the business. However, “since we are still a local company we can give our customers personal service that is becoming harder to find these days.” Square Deal uses higher quality foam than the big brand names, extending the life of a Chico made mattress. The craftsmanship that goes into their products guarantees higher standards, too.

Square Deal Mattress Factory is still making handcrafted mattresses the «old school way» to ensure customers get superb quality, while at the same time incorporating the newest spring, padding, and material technologies. Mattresses are two-sided so customers can flip them over for greater longevity.

If you want to sleep on a luxurious handcrafted mattress that guarantees a comfortable night’s sleep come Square Deal Mattress_1by the factory showroom. Their top-of-the-line mattress sets are made with natural materials and plushy quilted covers that wrap you in exqui- site comfort, providing years of relaxation and support. There are a variety of mattresses to meet your budget and sleeping needs.

The company has custom- made furniture and foam products, too. They also provide re-upholstery and cushion refill services. Let their specialized staff help you with all of your designing needs. There are also a variety of bedding products, featuring pillows and mattress accessories to compliment your new mattress.

For valued-minded buyers who want an exceptional mattress at reasonable prices, Square Deal Mattress Factory is a great choice.

Their main location is at 1352 Humboldt Avenue Chico, CA., 95928. Phone: 800-753-7378. Also located inside Corlin Paint in Oroville at 2585 Oro Dam Blvd. 530-534-5180. Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Website: