By Melissa Wynn

Here in the mountains, the hints of summer coming on entice my neighbors and me the sudden urge to kick up our heels.

Dust off your dancing shoes and join us for line dancing lessons with Krista Marie Norris. This bubbly bell of the ball has a passion for her art. This isn’t your grandma’s line dancing. Whether you prefer country, good old rock and roll or rap, Krista has a dance for them all!

For those of you that would love to learn some new dance steps, but get the butterflies in your tummy when you think of learning in front of your friends and neighbors, have no fear. There is no better fun than laughing at yourself with the rest of us. Krista loves to keep it light and have a good time sharing her technique. If you’re really too shy for the crowd, Krista is happy to schedule private lessons for individuals and small groups.

Nothing brings people together like having a good time dancing to some great upbeat country music. Perhaps your school or business employees would enjoy a dance party for a change of pace. Weddings, reunions, BBQs or birthdays, choose the event and Krista will teach at your party location, or bring one of her dance groups to perform for your event or get-together. How fun is that?

Participation in the performances is not required, but those who love the spotlight have performed at Greenville’s Gold Digger Days, Quincy’s Fair, and frequently cut a rug for the crowd at Lake Almanor Country Club’s famous Shell Concerts at Recreation Area 1.

Krista began dancing with her mother as a toddler and this has been her calling ever since. She began, like most little girls, with ballet and tap lessons and was dancing competitively by the time she turned twenty one. These days she travels the Mountain Valley Living neighborhoods, sharing her talents and spreading her joy.

Dancing is fun and a fantastic way to burn some calories and stay in shape. Krista begins each class with an easy, low impact dance to get the blood flowing and gradually works the group up to the best calorie burning boogies she knows. A nice cool down at the end leaves the class headed for home relaxed and feeling rejuvenated.

Whether you are seven or 70, line dancing is a great way to socialize with your neighbors and make new friends. She welcomes all ages and you never know what kind of spontaneous fun might happen at one of her classes. So far, two couples have met and married along with countless, life-long friendships contining to grow from spending a few fun hours each week learning various dance routines.

Krista currently offers her laid back line dancing classes in Susanville, Greenville, Westwood, Chester and McArthur. She can be found leading a line dance Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Learning new dance moves doesn’t have to break the bank. Krista charges a modest five dollars for each class in all locations except McArthur for $10 at the door, due to its longer distance away. There’s no sign up or commitment required. Just come when you feel like it and pay by the class. Give Krista a call at 530-260-5262 for class schedules or to book an event of your own. Summer is on its way, start dancing!