April 26-27, 2014

Sportsman on a motorcycle jumping.


If you have ever been to the antique mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, you’ll likely noticed a big step back in time that accompanies a trip down the windy road leading into town. Each year, trailers and trucks containing everything for a weekend of dirt bike adventures, rumble into the rustic little town for one big race, the Virginia City Grand Prix, hosting 4.5 hours of rugged motorcycle racing through town and the surrounding rocky hills. Businesses beef up their staffs to accommodate the crowds that come for this family event.

Cowboys clad in full western attire greet guests at bars and cafes. Motorhomes, trailers and tents house the riders and spectators for the exhibition. It’s as if the whole town comes out to welcome the riders. The business district is abuzz as tents and awnings line the street, where each rider has a pit crew set up to meet their needs on this long and grueling ride with speeds up to 90 mph.

The whole shebang starts right in the center of the old downtown as hundreds of bikes line up in rows between the antique wooden sidewalks. The start sends one row at a time around the corner, over their first jump to head down the hill into the desert for their big venture across challenging terrain.

Pros race on Saturday, April 26 with the novices riding on Sunday, April 27 starting at 10 a.m. The rugged course consists of rocky, hard packed trails and roads, narrow canyons, dry creek beds, and hill climbs. Even the most experienced riders are in for a wild ride.

In 2008, crowds watched 16-year-old Chester resident Ross Neely take first place in the pro class. He has won an additional three more times since.

Riders from throughout the mountain-valley territory will take the difficult trek for the prize and bragging rights. Join them for a fun weekend and a step back in time.


   For more information, contact Virginia City Motorcycle Club, VCMC Outlaws, P.O. Box 1082, Virginia City, NV 89440 • 775-530-6738