Rachael WhiteIt is not uncommon in mid to late summer to see hikers heading into town from the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)for supplies. A friend and I recently picked up my new nephew Chad and his girlfriend Megan near Chester to celebrate the halfway mark on their journey from Mexico to Canada.  We enjoyed a nice dinner overlooking Lake Almanor at Plumas Pines Resort while they told us about their adventure so far.

They looked healthy and were eager for the rest of their journey on the PCT. Hiking it was Chad’s idea”, Megan told me, but it was obvious she is greatly enjoying their grand adventure. The couple spent much of last winter dehydrating their own food. Then they left supply packs for their family to mail to various locations along the trail, including shoes; they had each been through 3 pairs so far.

We stopped only for Gatorade on our way back to drop them off in the same spot where we had picked them up. The trail crosses Highway 36 about 8 miles from Chester.  They would be hiking another three miles that evening in order to to meet up with some trail friends the next day at Drakesbad Guest Ranch, inside Mt. Lassen Park.

The PCT stretches through seven national parks, 24 national forests, 3 national monuments and 33 federally mandated wildernesses.  It spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada, passing through three western states. It welcomes thousands of hikers each year, some who hike only portions

of the trail and others who hike every mile in one season. Many hikes were upset by forest fires this season.

Happy Trails!