By Melissa Wynn


On a sunny afternoon in September my friend,  Marilyn,  and I were off to Chico for a day full of chores and appointments. We decided that all work and no play makes for dull girls and we couldn’t have that.  So, we decided to go to Marilyn’s favorite spot for a superior sushi lunch, Japanese Blossoms at  2995 Esplanade Suite #104.

We were greeted with a smile from Yuka, the busy and always sunny owner of  this awesome authentic Japanese restaurant.  I was instantly drawn to the stunning floral paintings of Japanese blossoms that grace the wall.  Local artist, Lloyd Liebes, has an amazing talent for capturing the real beauty of flowers. Marilyn’s daughter purchased a gorgeous daisy during their last visit. Mr. Liebes’ work can also be purchased at the Art Ect. Gallery at 122 W. 3rd St. in Chico.

Our wonderful meal began with a simple garden salad topped with a sweet yet tangy sesame dressing. Cool and fresh. Next, our beautiful server, Jaisri, brought steaming bowls of Miso, a traditional Japanese soup with small bits of tofu and sliced green onions. Delicious! The sushi roll of the day was called Hot Mess ($14) and I just had to try it. Tuna, avocado and snow crab served tempura style with ponzo sauce, spicy mayo, green onions and habenero masago made me glad I did.  It may be called a hot mess but it is truly a spicy culinary delight. Our second choice was one of Marilyn’s old favorites called Goldilocks. This roll is a genius combination of tempura asparagus, crab, avocado and spicy tuna topped with more avocado, spicy tuna mix, sweet Thai sauce and  a sprinkle of tempura crumble on top. Both were so good that we finished every bite. There is no doubt that Yuka knows her sushi.

Not only can you enjoy the excellent food in house at Japanese Blossoms, you can order take-out, have your favorites catered or even have it delivered in the Chico area. Would you like to learn to make your own mouth watering sushi? Well, Yuka can also make that happen. Japanese Blossoms offers Sushi Classes and will even bring it right to your home, office or wherever. How cool is that? Invite some friends and family, add a little music and some sake and its a party. The fee is a mere $55 per person. Can’t beat that. Just give Yuka and the crowd a call at 530-891-9022 and have it your way.

Growing up in Japan, Yuka fell in love with the art of sushi. It was there, in her homeland, where she learned the art of sushi. At twenty three years old.  a young ambitious Yuka moved to the United States where her skill was quickly recognized by her employer and Chico sushi lovers. Inspired to provide more authentic dishes, Yuka opened Japanese Blossoms restaurant.

The vision for Chico’s Japanese Blossoms restaurant started in Japan and developed over Yuka’s 17 years working at another restaurant. Today you can benefit from Yuka’s passion for a friendly staff, relaxing ambiance and affordable great food.

Japanese Blossoms supports the local economy by purchasing produce grown and sold in Chico by local farmers.  This ensures Yuka’s customers are tasting fresh, in-season ingredients as well as keeping your dollars in the community.

Yuka is proud of her homeland and wants to bring the best of it to you. She feels Chico’s Japanese Blossoms is the perfect way to do that. Try it for yourself and you will see why Japanese Blossoms is the best choice for superior sushi in Chico. I have never tasted better. For a full menu visit their website

Japanese Blossoms
Authentic Japanese Restaurant
2995 Esplanade Suite #104
Chico, CA
(530) 891-9022