by Jan Cox

Edith Schwirian at her workbench

[/media-credit] Edith Schwirian at her workbench

   Edith Schwirian’s adventure with jewelry began thirty years ago when she was apprenticed to a Master Goldsmith who taught her the art of creating “golden works that carried the light as water flows in a mountain stream.” She discovered that this work came naturally to her. And that is why the shapes and textures that Edith makes on gold and silver mimic water, “with the light traveling across the metal and around the curve.”

She says, “metal is the perfect medium to work in for me. Metal can take on any shape, color or form and can be manipulated into a very sensual, flowing shape that complements the female persona.” She always considers the person she is creating the jewelry for, which makes the work just flow.

Schwirian also studied at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco. Learning the art of forging and fabrication of gold and and silver jewelry allowed her to accept others as apprentices and to teach her skills at Lassen College for twenty years.

For ten years Schwirian ran her own jewelry store in Susanville but now considers herself semi-retired, working out of her home in Janesville, California. This allows her to create and design one of a kind jewelry for customers and to exhibit her work in ‘Art Around the Lake’ in Chester in July, the ‘Almanor Art Show’ in August, a ‘Christmas Show’ at Artisan Coffee, Janesville and an annual show at the Monticola Club, Susanville. Her jewelry can also be found at Blue Goose Gallery in Chester.

Edith feels fortunate to live in this beautiful area with her husband George. She loves being near her daughter Rachel Vincent who teaches English at Lassen High, her son Scott who works in electronics at the base in Herlong and her 3 beautiful granddaughters whom she loves to spoil.

You can best contact her through her website at or by calling (530) 257-7872.

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