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By Melissa Wynn

Some of the best valentines are not about digging out your wallet, they are about digging through your hope chest and finding your heart. Sure the ladies enjoy the flowers and chocolate, but if you really want to impress your wife this Valentine’s Day, just SHOW HER that you love and appreciate her. Here are a few easy ideas to make you the man that day.

  • Pamper her with a day free from cooking and cleaning chores.
  • Draw her a hot bubble bath, follow up with a good massage.
  • Make her a Valentine with  pictures from your wedding day or favorite romantic getaway.
  • Flattery will get you everywhere; remind her why you love her.
  • Handwritten coupons redeemable for various chores and favors are simple and can be as sentimental or as silly as you make them.
  • Snuggle her on the sofa with a good movie you know she will enjoy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!