Polka Dot has been making great hamburgers and customers smile since 1962!

Our Family moved to Quincy in 1968 and it wasn’t long thereafter that we discovered the best thing since sliced bread. While I may be exaggerating a bit, it only takes one visit on a sunny afternoon to understand why the Polka Dot is so special. Great food is not the only reason this place quickly became a family favorite.

I’m not certain the Perkin’s family had a master plan to become the most popular eatery in Quincy when they opened for business in 1962 but that’s what happens when you combine yummy food, the warm sun, outdoor dining, and a small creek for the kids to play in. I asked my six year old daughter, Kayla, what her favorite thing about the Polka Dot is and she couldn’t choose between the corn dog or the “river”. I then mentioned the ice cream cone and she had a real dilemma deciding!

The Polka Dot offers a large variety of delicious food, ranging from old fashioned hamburger and fries to rice bowls.  The Perkins Family would love to have you stop by and you can also phone ahead at (530) 283-2660.

Mountain Valley Living Magazine has been placing our magazine (please pick up a copy to read while eating) on the parking side of the Polka Dot for about six years. This has been a real problem for me because I go there about every third day to restock our supply and I cant stop drinking their milk shakes. The shakes are so thick and tasty…good luck trying to stop this addiction once you start.

I was there with Eileen (our Publisher) the other day enjoying an ice cream cone and we noticed that there were quite a few people gathered around one of the picnic tables. Eileen went over to see what the special occasion was and found the Quincy High School class of 1960 celebrating their 50 year reunion. They said that there is no better place to meet and enjoy a day with old friends and good food. It dawned on me that the Polka Dot is a tradition for other families besides my own. Check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Polka-DOT-109540509082609/about/?ref=page_internal