Does Music Make My Child Smarter?

Yes, of course it does. When learning a song, a musical instrument, or a dance step, your child experiences the unique integration of body and mind that music provides. Sensory integration is a crucial factor in children’s learning readiness for school subjects such as reading, writing, and math. Music improves spatial-temporal reasoning according to research by the MIND Research Institute, a neuroscience and education research based no-profit corporation.  Music assists in  a neurological process needed to understand mathematics. The best way to enhance your child’s learning with music is to encourage listening to and learning music throughout the child’s developmental years. Do it in a variety of ways that are enjoyable and fun, then let your child’s own interest and aptitudes guide your choices of lessons and activities.

A Piece of Guitar Heaven Comes to Westwood

Music enhances learning and that’s why Doug Sheehy of the Lassen County Arts Council was contacted by Westwood’s Fletcher Walker Elementary School Principal Adele Emershaw to bring a piece of Guitar Heaven to students in Westwood. A show titled Guitar Heaven appeared at Lassen College the same evening featuring amazing acoustic sounds.  Very interested high school kids lined the floor in the cafeteria behind the entire elementary school which did not quite fill the room. However this small group of lucky kids were able to experience an amazing show.

Emershaw, known to the kids as “Mrs. E” told us it was unfortunate that the music programs are always one of the first to go as budgets get cut. “This school has a fraction of the music program it once did under the direction of Lou Hamilton”, she said. “Music makes you think. It is a constant.”, she added, crediting the Lassen County Arts Council for sponsoring this event. She quickly added that the school has received funds from the Plumas County Arts Council this year as well. All help with music and the arts is greatly appreciated by this elementary school principal, which proved lucky for some appreciative Westwood students.

Source:, Fletcher Walker Elementary Principal Adele Emershaw