Outdoor Steps You Can Take to Help Make Your Home Fire Safe!

Tips From CalFire

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Create 100′ of Defensible Space Around Your Home.


• Create a Defensible Space of 100 feet around your home. It is required by law.

• Create a “LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN ZONE” by removing all flammable vegetation within 30 feet immediately surrounding your home.

• Then create a “REDUCED FUEL ZONE” in the remaining 70 feet or to your property line.

You have two options in this area:

A. Create horizontal and vertical spacing between plants. The amount of space will depend on how steep your property is and the size of your plants.

B. Large trees do not have to be removed as long as all of the plants beneath them are removed.

• Remove lower tree branches at least six feet from the ground.

• Landscape with fire resistant plants.

• Maintain all plants with regular water, and keep dead branches, leaves and needles removed.

• When clearing vegetation, use care when operating equipment such as lawnmowers. One small spark may start a fire; a string trimmer is much safer.

In Your Yard …

• Stack woodpiles at least 30 feet from all structures and remove vegetation within 10 feet of woodpiles.

• Above ground Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-gas) containers (500 or less water gallons) shall be located a minimum of 10 feet with respect to buildings, public ways, and lot lines of adjoining property that can be built upon. – CFC 3804.3

• Remove all stacks of construction materials, pine needles, leaves and other debris from your yard

• Contact your local fire department to see if debris burning is allowed in your area; if so, obtain a burning permit and follow all local air quality restrictions


For more information contact your local CAL FIRE office, fire department or Fire Safe Council for tips and assistance. www.fire.ca.gov

Get Your Community Involved. Visit www.firesafecouncil.org or www.firewise.org