Potpourri Christmas Tree Center Piece

*Center your holiday table with three of these trees or use as a single focal point on a shelf









You Will Need: (for a single tree)

1 dowel rod

1 bag of potpourri (Christmas colors: greens, reds, white…)

1 foam cone (size is up to you)

1 bag hot glue gun and glue sticks

1 small glass votive (shaped like a flower pot)

1 can glitter spray

Brown acrylic paint

Small paint brush


Heat hot glue gun. Break small dowel rod in half. Stick rod, broken end first, into bottom of foam cone and push until centered and sturdy. Bottom of rod should be sticking out about 5 inches from cone, with a flat end. Lightly brush some brown acrylic paint onto visible dowel rod to create the look of a tree trunk. Let dry. Hot glue a large amount of glue into the bottom of the glass votive. While hot, press rod firmly into center of glue and hold until dry. To make more secure, fill up the rest of the votive with a small amount of potpourri and layers of hot glue. Carefully begin to glue individual pieces of potpourri to foam cone, pressing pieces gently for a few seconds to dry. The more obscure the pieces the better. This may take some time. Create dimension by gluing a single layer of potpourri, and then filling in spaces and holes with pieces on top of pieces. Finally, in a well ventilated and protected area (best if outside) spray tree with gold glitter spray until desired. Let dry completely before displaying.