Photo By Richard Barlupi

Mount Shasta Resort – On The Shores Of Lake Siskiyou

“From any of the chalets offered at Mount Shasta Resort, you can easily access the trail that meanders around this beautiful mountain lake. This seven-mile path offers an enchanting hike around Lake Siskiyou”

Mount Shasta Calls
By Eileen Majors
For all of us who reside in far northern California, Mount Shasta’s call is close enough to be heard. For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, hikers, mountain bikers and others, the area’s varied landscapes are dotted with trails and outdoor adventure around every corner. Others are drawn to the mountain’s mystical side. Either way, Mount Shasta’s allure keeps visitors coming back.
The geological landscape includes heights soaring to 14,179 feet (4322 meters) and sits in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest wilderness, which is part of the Cascade range. Alternating layers of ash and lava left by previous eruptions, make up this stratovolcano, which is indeed large and
is a real volcano. It last erupted in 1786, leaving unique landscapes. The winter’s snow is followed by seasonal wildflower meadows and waterfalls. Snowfields can be seen year ‘round. The mountain’s peak shows off magical views in all directions; and on a clear day can be seen from over
100 miles away.
Around the world Mount Shasta is known a gathering place for spiritual seekers of transcendence and even healing. Native Americans have long considered the mountain sacred, particularly the Wintu Tribe. They are the indigenous people from the mountain who are caretakers of the meadows. We visited their website at where they ask visitors to respect their sacred lands. They offer a list of recommendations for visitors to Mount Shasta. Among them they ask that we leave nothing behind, not depositing any crystals or ashes or anything else in the water or lands, reminding readers, “We cannot heal sacred lands; sacred lands heal us.”
This trip would take us to Mount Shasta Resort, nestled on the edge of Lake Siskiyou. On our way we ventured up a hill, eight miles from the resort to land at Castle Lake. We were not the only ones to come and visit this tiny lake. There were many others enjoying the views. The pristine mountain lake is studied regularly by U.C. Davis scientists who come to collect and study water and insect samples. Online accounts tell of the lake’s beautiful midsummer bloom. On the edge of its crystal-clear waters, a gorgeous wildflower bloom takes over, delivering magnificent views.
There is a trail that runs from Castle Lake to Heart Lake which is highly recommended for its scenic beauty. While we were warned that there are some steep portions of the trail, we were assured it was only a mile and a half each way. You can golf until the snow flies at Mount Shasta resort and then it transforms into a wonderland for downhill and cross-country skiers. With Mt. Shasta Ski Park nearby, the mountain’s call continues into the winter. The park offers twilight skiing which draws visitors from near and far. Check their schedules online at

Mount Shasta Resort
I truly enjoy a quiet mountain getaway and if there is a chance I can stay by the water, then by all means, that’s where I stay. We chose Mount Shasta Resort. Upon arriving we were greeted by General Manager Suzanne Bentley who showed us around. We viewed the picturesque golf course which is framed with a spectacular backdrop of Mount Shasta. We took a tour of the restaurant and the beautiful lounge with full bar. A spacious deck overlooks the course. The popular restaurant features a delicious California Cuisine with a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The resort offers many beautiful chalets as well as hotel-style accommodations. We drove up the road with Suzanne where she led us to a quaint chalet overlooking the water which was a stones-throw from the cabin’s deck. Each chalet sports two cabins; both have a completely separate, private feel. We stepped out of the car and felt the immediate escape to peace and quiet, views and tranquility. There were many spots along the shore where one could cozy up to read a good book or come to think of it, write one. The lakefront cabin offered beautiful views of the lake through the trees in front of the cabin where we took a few moments to enjoy the water’s edge. There were big, smooth rocks to sit on with plenty of private settings under the shade of the tall pines. From the water we could see two other chalets besides ours. All three share a big lawn area that also overlooks the water’s edge, complete with barbecue, picnic tables and lots of room for lawn games. Suzanne said this particular group of cabins is a popular spot for family reunions. From any of the chalets offered at Mount Shasta Resort you can easily access the trail that meanders around this beautiful mountain lake. This seven-mile path offers an enchanting hike around Lake Siskiyou, one we could not wait to enjoy.
But first, the chalet awaited. We entered via a large deck which sat up high for wonderful views of the lake. When we stepped inside the large entrance, Suzanne told us this was for the skiers and hikers to drop off their gear on their way in. The place was beautiful inside with plenty of windows delivering relaxing views of the lake. The kitchen and separate dining room provided plenty of room for too many cooks in the kitchen. A gas fireplace in the living room has no doubt provided many cozy nights on the lake. There were two separate bedrooms. The accommodations were impeccable. It was beautiful inside and out.
Another tranquil spot within the resort is the peacefully-set spa with a spearate salon behind it. They offer a full line of spa and salon treatments. The golf course at Mount Shasta Resort is open until the snow flies and is featured at
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