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Sierra Tan & Red Light Therapy, UV-free and bed tanning

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Red Light Therapy treats pain too

 Chronic Pain • Wrinkles • Stretch Marks • Sagging Skin • Sun Spots •Acne/Rosacea • Hair Rejuvenation  Acute Pain • Wound Healing + More

Red Light Therapy reduces lines and wrinkles

Sierra Tan in Susanville offers Red Light Therapy for wrinkles, chronic pain & more; Both UV-free + bed tanning are available as well as hair services. 

,,Sierra Tan in Susanville is a multi-faceted, full-service salon located in a top quality facility. They specialize in total skin care and beauty with state-of-the-art procedures featuring highly skilled technicians. Top notch equipment is offered in a relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

They offer tanning bed and UV-free tanning as well as Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy, also called Lightwave treatment, is noted for being the first Low Level Light Therapy system designed specifically for dermal enhancement and rejuvenation. The treatment is not hot but provides infrared light (invisible to the eye) and visible red light that helps human tissue cells.


Facial Rejuvenation:   Red light therapy helps increase collagen formation and helps rehydrate the face, reducing wrinkles and fine lines while reducing signs of aging.

Cellulite:  Red Light Therapy is also used to treat cellulite (even dimpling) by increasing circulation to the dermis, delivering more nutrients to treated area.

Skin: Overall for skin, it helps with stretch marks, scars, sun spots, as well as acne or Rosacea.

Red Light Therapy benefits are many! Red Light Therapy increases circulation, relieves inflammation and even stimulates the reduction of fibrotic scar tissue, stimulating formation of normal tissue, making it effective on old scars and new.

Each application offers a recommendation for treatment. For example, Chronic Pain from Fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, and neuropathies should be treated twice weekly for three weeks, followed by weekly sessions until desired results are achieved. 

Sierra Tan & Red Light Therapy, UV-free and bed tanning


60 Hall Street, Susanville