Bing’s Steak, Seafood & Sushi Bar

You Don’t Have to be a Sushi Lover to Love This Place!

By Eileen Majors

   When I was invited out to a new Sushi place that I was told “everyone is raving about” in Susanville, I hesitated.  Having only tasted  sushi a few times, I wasn’t so sure I was a fan. I wasn’t sure what I’d eat, but it was a birthday celebration for 16-year-old Katie, the newest member of our family; so say no more. I was in. “Everybody’s raving about this place.”

   We arrived just before 7:00 pm to a packed house. Our reservation for eight landed us in a side room with a table large enough to comfortably hold us all. Menus were delivered along with drinks. 

   All the sushi lovers at the table were happy to be finding all of their favorites on the menu and loved the real Wasabi. We started with two appetizer orders of Edamame, one regular and one garlic, as we pondered the menu. There were several wonderful appetizers to choose from. Most everyone was planning to enjoy Sushi, also ordering some meat dishes for everyone to taste. Hibachi Chicken was very good with a light but tasty sauce. Several salads were offered as well as Steak and Tempura Shrimp and Steak and Lobster. Bing said they pick up seafood in Reno, flown in fresh from the docks in San Francisco. 

   Excited to see so many other options on the menu in addition to sushi, I landed on Hibachi New York Steak. There were several Hibachi meals offered and each included their house-made onion soup, house salad with Miso dressing, grilled veggies topped with two tasty grilled shrimp and a bowl of rice. A thin steak was good-sized and the lightly seasoned fresh beef was grilled perfectly for very good flavor. 

   Bente Boxes (under $20.00) were another great option with choice of chicken, beef, salmon, shrimp tempura, Chicken Katsu, and Barbecued Beef ribs. Each box came with a delicious Miso soup, house salad with their very tasty Miso dressing, yummy Tempura Vegetables, white or fried rice and Spring Roll. Teresa had Teriyaki Chicken which she said was tender, delicious and she will definitely have it again 

   I greatly enjoyed my freshly prepared steak meal. We all did and our super fun waitress, Dania; I could see why they paired her up with our crazy crowd. She added fun to the dining experience.    

   I took a few minutes to watch two skilled sushi chefs making the rolls, a craft they seem to take seriously. The place seems to run pretty smoothly under the direction of Bing, owner of the new place and also new owner of the Kopper Kettle Restaurant in Susanville. I noticed she really keeps up the pace, staying busy working hard to back up her busy staff. It looks like she’s done this before. 

   When I asked where she came upon such great Sushi chefs, she said, “San Francisco.” She is fun and it was evident the staff was pleased to have her there helping make all the guests’ experience just right. Everyone in our group loved their sushi rolls, each freshly prepared as ordered. Sometimes there was a bit of a wait on the rolls but nobody seemed to mind.

   For a delicious experience, whether you are a sushi lover or not, try Bing’s. They serve lunch and dinner; prices are reasonable; the food excellent, and the service was great (and fun) Find them in the Grocery Outlet parking lot on Main Street in Susanville. Reach them at : (530) 257-8199.