Remedy Those Chilly Door Gaps

   Walk by your doors on a really cold morning; feel the air at the bottom of the door. If you feel cool air leaking out from under the door, covering it up will likely make a difference. Check all your doors and multiply the warmth and savings. It doesn’t take much. From using an old tablecloth rolled into a snake shape to a cozy sock snake for your door, every effort makes a difference. Be sure to cover any gaps completely plus at least an inch further on each end.

  How To Make Cozy Snakes For Your Drafty Doors

   Start with 3 to 4 thick, cozy socks (depending on length) in your choice of colors and patterns. Measure the door bottom and make your “snake” at least 2 “ longer. Fill the socks with alternating layers of dry corn and “pillow stuffing.” Place 1/4 cup dry popcorn, then a handful of stuffing; repeat until full, being sure to end with stuffing so you do not spill corn all over when connecting the sox. If there is danger of mice coming for your corn, spray the corn with a mixture of 1-cup water mixed with 10-15 drops of pure essential peppermint oil, then dry corn thoroughly before starting. Fill all four sox then sew them together, placing toes at both ends. To sew together, place open end of sock over another sock, laying them out before sewing. Then using a needle and thread of a complimenting color, use a small stich to connect them securely.

   It’s important to be comfortable in your home. Maybe you could use an energy consultation. Contact a professional to have your heating system cleaned and inspected for safety and warmth.