When it comes to quilting, projects large and small take on a special quality, creating keepsakes to be treasured for years. I once received a quilted jacket. It was back in the day and I wore it well. I still have that jacket because it was handmade with love. It doesn’t even fit anymore but it’s a keeper for somebody sometime.

If you are not a quilter yet, consider starting with a small project like a cloth bag. If you are not sure how to begin, your local quilt shop is a good start. Several patterns and ideas around the store are bound to strike your interest.

One of the coolest quilts I ever saw was a memory quilt, made with special fabrics from clothing of a loved one who had passed. Again, when you get to the quilt shop, you will be inspired. Ask the clerk to help and tell them if it is your first time quilting.

Of course a good old fashioned quilt is a great gift for anyone, again to be treasured for a lifetime. They’re great for creating a beautiful bedroom or grabbing for a beach trip. Quilting holiday gifts can be fun and quite rewarding.