By Molly Barber

      For those who believe good Southern Rock is a thing of the past, I have two words for you- Whiskey Myers. These boys have perfectly fused rock n’ roll, country, and blues into their homegrown sound. With boot stomping guitar riffs and that sweet southern twang these gritty little ditties are the kind of music that resonates in your soul, aging like a fine wine. The emotion in Cody Cannon’s voice, the rawness of the lyrics, and the heavy melodies that embody this music makes for a sound so true, no music fan can deny. 

I’ve long listened to these fellas and having the opportunity to get to talk music with them was such a cool experince. My interview follows:

I read that you guys are going to have a new album drop sometime this year, can you give us some information on that?

It comes out this summer (September 27, 2019) and it’s the first album that we’ve gotten to produce ourselves. We did the whole process out in the desert, down in Tornillo, Texas at the Sonic Ranch, and we’re really excited for people to finally hear it.

What can we expect with this new album?

It’s hard for us to say since we’ve been so close to it, so

we can’t wait for everyone else to be able to hear it and let us know. We’ve been incorporating some of the new music into our live shows and the crowds are loving it, so that’s a good sign!

Have you had any star struck moments thus far in your career, either with people you’ve opened for or gotten the chance to work with?

Definitely Snoop Dogg and Gary Rossington (of Lynyrd Skynyrd).

I love your story songs (“Dogwood”, “Broken Window Serenade”) – which kind of seems like a dying art form. Is it a different process for you to write a story song as opposed to one that’s more down the middle or radio-friendly?

We really don’t set out to write any radio-friendly songs at all. We just sit down and try to write good music that’s true to who we are.

How’d the song “Dogwood”come about? And whose idea was it to change up the beginning when you play it live (which is incredible)?

Everything we play live comes from us collaborating together to change most of our songs, to try to separate the live show from the album. Cody Cannon: I actually wrote “Dogwood” after dreaming about it. I just got up from sleeping and had to write it.

If you could collaborate with another artist who would you choose and why?

Chris Knight, because he’s a badass.

If I challenged you to a lip-sync battle, what song do you choose?

Probably anything by Mystikal, just to try to lip-sync as fast as humanly possible.

What were the first albums you ever bought?

Hank Williams, Jr.- The Pressure Is On cassette tape

If I was to thumb through your own music library what’s something I’d find in there that might surprise me?

Snoop Dog, probably.

Do you enjoy playing covers? If so, do you have a favorite to play on stage?

We’ve done a lot from ZZ Top to Lynyrd Skynyrd to The White Stripes, but on this tour we aren’t performing any. 

    I’m serious, if you want some music that’s channeling the musical vibes of Lyndard Skynard, the Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, and Led Zepplin (just to name a few)- you need to check out this band.   

     These guys not only know how to bring it (I mean they play the cowbell) but they are it. Like Cody said, they write music that’s true to them, what they live- what we all live. You can relate to the heartbreak in “Dogwood” or “Broken Window Serenade”, the loneliness in “Stone” and the integrity in “Trailer We Call Home”.

     This is the kind of music you hope to hear in your favorite bar on a Friday night. The music you play when you’re out in the meadows needing some alone time. The songs that echo life. Their life, your life, my life. It’s real and raw, full of soul and that something you’ve been missing.

    So grab a seat on the porch, pour yourself a cold one and put on “Lonely East Texas Nights”- you can thank me later.