This is our go-to art project. It’s for all ages, because it’s easy and the finished product is framable and fun. I did this art project in an art class and have redone it over and over throughout the years. This time we did the project of dinosaurs and framed it for my boys’ dinosaur themed bathroom.

    To start you can either draw an animal free-handed or you can print a silhouette image and trace it on watercolor paper.

From there you wet the paper within the lines and drop in the watercolors, let them do what they want, they will run together. I usually pick colors that when they run together it makes a color I like and not a muddy mess. For example red and yellow make orange when they mix.     

So, I usually stick with two primary colors. (Red and yellow= orange, yellow and blue=green, red and blue = purple)

    If there is any area you want to stay white do not wet that area in the beginning and that will keep the colors from running in there.

    After you have the colors in you can add salt and it will make a cool texture. Let it dry and dust the salt off if you choose to put it on.

    Some people also take a toothbrush and dip it in the paint and flick little splatters all over the paper.

    Last add the finishing touches with a sharpie.