By Ashlee Herrera

1)    Start with a pallet.


2)    You will need red, white and blue paint. I had leftover outdoor paint laying around from painting our house, so I just used that.


3)    Tape off the top left hand side of the pallet. Paint inside of that square blue. Let dry.


4)    Remove tape. Alternate red and white paint creating the strips. Make sure to go all the way from the blue paint to the end of the boards. Let dry.


5)    Now that its dry, it’s time to paint the stars. I had trouble with this part because I had cut out a sponge in the shape of a star in hopes of making the process easier, however I didn’t take into consideration the boards were different width making the sponge not fit on all the boards. So, I instead drew the stars on and filled in with white paint. The stars turned out to all be different sizes, remember no two pallets are the same so they all will turn out just a little different.


6)    Now you have a free standing outdoor decoration that can be left up from Memorial Day through Fourth of July.