I should have known something was up. Two kids hanging out on the couches all night, one of them clearly in my spot! Isn’t anyone going to tell them,” I’m thinking (practically out loud!) Finally, Dad heads upstairs and I stay close. “They’re still here,” I’m thinking as I head off to bed, “I know they’re all going somewhere; they’re probably going to leave me here. I sleep restless all night, checking on the kids; come morning, one of them is still in my spot. the other is packing a bag. “I knew it! They’re leaving without me.” I get all upset and lay by the door.

Soon my dad heads outside; I stay tight on his heels. He opens up the door of the truck. (When I see a window of opportunity, I take it.) I jump into the back seat of the truck, curl up as small as I can and look the other way. My dad yells, “Tank, out!” Oh no, he wants me OUT? He is trying to leave without me. I curl up tighter and look harder in the other direction, squinting all the way.

Then I hear the kids coming. So I peak. They’re carrying bags. Oh no! There won’t even be room for me in the truck with all that! I try to hide. Maybe they won’t see me. Then I hear the car door open. I’ve made a huge mistake. They’re getting in the car! I see a crack in the door. I push it open and jump out of the truck. There’s my dad. He opens up the hatch in the back and there’s my bed! I’m going! I jump into the bed. Hey wait. My spot is tiny. Where’s my special spot where I get to look over Dad’s shoulder? Oh no. The seats are up and once again, someone’s in my spot! I’m not so sure about this road trip. I curl in my little spot and go to sleep.

We finally arrive. Dad opens the hatch. Oh no, he’s got the leash; no, not the leash! I never need that unless we go to the doctor.

Dad hooks me up and I jump out, I almost trip my mom. I’m not very good at the leash. Dad walks me into a big crowd of people. Hardly anybody wants to pet me. Are you kidding me? You call this a road trip? I almost trip a few more people then Dad and me get to go sit on a bench. “Where are we?” I’m thinking. It turns out we are in V. C. for the Virginia City Grand Prix. I guess Mikey’s racing; he’s one of our guys. Dirt Bikes are every where… and boy, are they loud! I try to stay as close to my dad as I can. It is dangerous out here.

They pack me back in the car and finally, we’re out of there. Whew! But we didn’t get far till we’re out of the car again. Then it’s the leash again. At least there is dirt here, so I dig me out a little spot to lay down right next to a big orange fence. I’m almost asleep and here comes the loudest thing I’ve ever heard! Then here comes another one! I tried to jump in my dad’s arms, but he won’t let me. I try jumping on his back. I’m barking, “Help!” My dad takes me over to the bleachers to sit, where a couple of people wanted to pet me.

Hundreds more bikes came screaming by that fence as loud as they could. Not even Mikey stopped to pet me. It was awful. We had to sit there all day. Why? I’ll never know. Every once in a while a really mean dog would come by and try to start a fight with me. I just keep thinking, “Why did we come here?” (Just saying.)

Finally the trip is over. Turns out Mikey got second place in his class (whatever that means) and we get to go home. For some reason, the kids stay there. Mom folds down the seats and the next thing you know I’m looking over Dad’s shoulder again. Soon we’re home throwing the ball, but that was not my idea of a road trip.