Our Tenth Anniversary Edition

Ten Years After

   It was January of 2008 when the first copy of Mountain Valley Living Magazine rolled off the press. Who would’ve thought I would ever get to do this at all? Indeed, a new decade had dawned and an uphill climb it would be. Was I ready? Who cared? I would be so busy, there’d be no time for thinking about all that.

   This past decade has been a busy one; that is for sure. I learned more than I ever thought I would, met more wonderful people than I ever thought I could, and discovered many talented people who would help shape the magazine along the way.

   We have been blessed with great people who have come to share their hearts with our readers and give their all to help shape each edition. Melissa Wynn (we call her Missy) showed up shortly after the first edition published. She asked if she could help write, and that she has done, plus much more, ever since. She has the magic that makes MVL run smoothly. From her heart-felt writing skills to her ability to organize every aspect of each book, she is truly amazing.

We were also lucky to land Eve De Veir several years ago. I like to introduce her as my boss, which she was for many years. She has graciously shared her years of experience and knowledge with the magazine and she has helped us grow this business every step of the way. I am ever amazed by her contributions.

   Jaime Vega is another one who came to us early on. After leaving for several years to further his education in the field, he came back over a year ago and is helping MVL so much. His public relation skills turned out to be as valuable as his artistic design work. He is a big asset as we reach out to help more businesses.

   We have welcomed Adriana Newton in our sales department. Her enthusiasm and professionalism is greatly appreciated.

   We have been lucky to work with Molly Barber and discover her great talents. She is an amazing videographer and a gifted writer that I hope we will get to work with even more in the future.

   I am thankful for my ever-accommodating family and Brian, my husband who has helped in every way.

   I am thankful for my niece Rhonda who came in and helped me with the valley efforts and website management.

   I know I am a dreamer, but I hope Ican bless each of them somehow in a great way, as they have me. I hope their heartfelt contributions have in some way helped them grow in their careers already. I am truly thankful for each writer, our great team, and every advertiser who has supported us during our first ten years. We have so many faithful advertisers; we hope you will visit them all. As we move forward, we are excited about the future and greatly look forward to every new edition of MVL. We hope to grow as a company, to better reward and expand our great team!

As for you, our readers, we are so truly thankful for every one of you who picks up the magazine. Without you, we wouldn’t get to do this at all! God Bless you each, and thanks again to all!